Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

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Real estate is a big part of the American Dream. Whether you are working on buying your first home, your starter home or a business property, the process of purchasing a property or a building can be a complicated one! Many times, you will need a professional who isn’t necessarily a real estate attorney, like a realtor. However, there are a few instances when you do require the experienced help of a real estate attorney, including:

  • Legal Requirements: There are some states that actually require a real estate attorney be present for certain transactions, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware and New York. Purchasing real estate in these states means that, yes, you need a real estate attorney!

real estate attorney

  • Complicated Purchases: A good portion of real estate purchases are very straightforward, aside from a few negotiations. However, if your transaction is high value one, a property with liens, water rights, requiring special insurances, beach front, a historical property, has zoning issues or any number or other things, a real estate attorney should ensure the sale goes through without issue.
  • Stressful: When there are issues with a property that make the sale or purchase stressful and bothersome, such as renters who have damaged the property or other issues with the property, you need an attorney.

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