Finding a Trustworthy Attorney in Your Area

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How can I find a trustworthy attorney near me?Lawyers don’t always come with the best of reputations. Despite what you might see on television or in the movies, many lawyers are good, decent people trying to work their best within the legal system to help their clients. If you find yourself in need of an attorney, you might wonder, “How can I find a trustworthy attorney near me?” Because web reviews can be deeply biased and incorrect, we here at Koontz & Smith, Attorneys at Law suggest going with some more proven routes.

First, cut through the fluff. If a lawyer is talking to you like they are on an informercial, your red flags need to go up. Look out for buzzwords like “guarantee” and “no money down” since this is a sign of promises being made that can’t always be kept.

Second, look for a specific subject or area. For example, internet searching “attorney near me” will give you way more options than you can narrow down, but searching “workers’ compensation attorney near me” will give you a few names that you can research further.

Third, make sure you feel comfortable with your attorney. If you feel like they are dishonest or untrustworthy in some way with your private information, there is no reason you need to stick with them! Instead, find an attorney who makes you feel like a trusted and valued client.

Finally, work with someone who takes the time to return your calls or emails. Lines of communication need to be open between attorney and client.

How do you look for an attorney near you? What tips do you have?