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We have nearly 30 years of experience providing premium legal services in Lexington, and social security law is one of our focuses.

Have you been denied the social security benefits that you deserve? If so, the best thing to do is seek professional legal assistance in Lexington, North Carolina. At Koontz & Smith, Attorneys at Law, our team can provide you with the strongest legal representation in the area. We represent cases pertaining to social security and disability, including SSI and Veterans Disability Benefits. You’ll always get professional legal service at all levels when you hire us to take on your social security law case.

Social Security Law in Lexington, North Carolina

Unfortunately, social security law can be complicated and requires time and attention to detail. Every individual has different needs when it comes to receiving social security benefits and knowing the proper actions to take can often lead to more questions than answers.

At Koontz & Smith, Attorneys at Law, we have nearly 30 years of experience providing premium legal services, and social security law is one of our focuses. Our legal services are backed by strong courtroom tactics, and you’ll never receive a bill from us unless you win. Our focus is always to ensure that you receive the best outcome possible when it comes to your social security law case, and we are committed to providing you with the guidance and representation you deserve.

Offering Superior Legal Services

Do you have questions about your denied application? Are you looking for an attorney to represent you at a social security hearing? Reach out to us at Koontz & Smith, Attorneys at Law to schedule your FREE consultation. We’ll sit down with you, discuss your case, and then answer any questions you may have. From there, we’ll go to work for you.

At Koontz & Smith, Attorneys at Law, we provide social security law services to those in Salisbury, Davidson, Kannapolis, Concord, Statesville, Mooresville, Lexington, Granite Quarry, Mocksville, Spencer, and China Grove, North Carolina.


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